Memories from a Bottle

Hi…I’m incredibly excited to offer this new “item”! I should say this new service maybe? Let me explain.

Lets say… you just went out on a date with someone, and had a really romantic evening…shared a bottle of wine and decided to bring the bottle home as a momento. So you stick a flower in it and put it on a table or windowsill and there it sits. Well…eventually the flower dies, and the water dries up and it gets moved around…shoved into a closet, knocked over & broken, or you simply get tired of it gathering dust and throw it away…you get the idea, right? OR…you may still have the champagne bottle from your wedding…OR the beer bottle you smuggled back from Mexico…who knows? The possibilities are endless. Problem is…they’re BOTTLES…and they nearly always end up either stashed or broken or thrown away. I have what I think is a better idea.

So here’s how it works. If you’re at a Renaissance Fair, for instance… you come to my shop and I take your picture with your bottle. Perhaps you already have one of these keepsake bottles…and a picture…so you can contact me here by email. However it works, you choose what you want me to make for you, the package you like and I take your bottle to my studio…bust it up and make wonderful items that you can actually USE and keep those memories right in the forefront of your mind!
More information coming soon!

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