Cool Hair Stuff

Hair Quills

 All my quills are African Porcupine, which I purchase from people licensed to import and sell them in the US. Porcupines throw their quills in defense and drop them naturally, so the animals are not killed just so hair looks nice. I make the end beads on steel rods which I push down into the quill for durability. The bead sets are matched – that is I make all the beads for a quill at the same time using the same flame environment, glass, kiln session, etc. There are usually at least 6 of my lampwork beads in a single strand, at least 11 in a double, etc. Feel free to contact me with any questions!


 Here's how one of my quills looks in the hair:




 Here’s a link to printable instructions for putting in your quill.


Braid Wraps


 Braid Wraps are leather wraps which are designed to go around the end of a decorative a side braid as shown below in Mike's hair. Each Braid Wrap features a set of handmade beads and is finished with coins or handmade charms of feathers and natural quartz crystal or shells. Each one is different, so it's best to contact me directly to find out what I have currently, if there are none listed in my store, or to order a specific color scheme.




 Here’s a link to printable instructions for putting in your Braid Wrap.

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